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mysterious keybinding failures on fvwm2


AddToMenu Window-Ops "Alt-F1: Window Ops" Title
+ "Alt-F5:  Calculator"                  exec calctool &
+ "Alt-F6:  lynx"                        exec lynx &
+ "Alt-F8:  xterm"                       exec xterm &
+ "Alt-F12: emacs -nw"                   exec emacs -nw &

# Section: Key bindings
Key F5    A    M    exec calctool &
Key F6    A    M    exec lynx &
Key F8    A    M    exec xterm &
Key F12   A    M    exec emacs -nw &

The lynx and emacs entries in both lists do not
work neither is there any message being printed.
xterm, calctool work perfectly in menu
and key bindings.
Would someone kindly help?


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