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Re: Text console flicker during kernel load

* Neal Pollock <npollock@rogers.com> [02-10-2002 06:35]:
> I've convinced my brother to try Debian and just set it up on his PC.
> Unfortunately, from the time that lilo passes control onto the kernel until
> the display manager login appears, the screen flickers on and off
> continuously.  It stays on for about 1/3 of sec and then goes off for a 1/3
> of a sec.  The video adapter is an ATI RagePro 3D AGP 1/2x.

If you are able to compile a kernel, make one without framebuffer
support for the console.

Otherwise you'll have to look again at what options you are passing
to the kernel.

On a related note, why use framebuffer at all? It's always the first
thing I unset, in case I forget later on. Am I missing something?
(besides tux in the boot screen).


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