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RE: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)

Good morning Carel,

Live on the East Coast?

I use my W2KPro box as my workstation (On which I am reasonably competant --
I code html using TextPad which has no equal on Linux; and I watch the
stockmarket using MetaStock charting), and I am reciving mail for this list
on the Windows box. The two are separate machines linked to a USRobotics
Router hooked to a static IP. The Windows box is linked to the Linux box
only by ftp/telnet, and that is the way I am going to keep it (no SAMBA); in
the end the Linux box will have a minimal work environment, but be primarily
a server. The two machines both use the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor
via KVM switch so back and forth is no big deal, but copying from the Linux
box to the Windows box is still a hassle.

Thank you again for your careful attention to this! I have followed your
instructions and the output would indicate that Exim was running ok. (??) My
output next to yours below:

1) On the linux box login as userme. X

2) To check if it's a normal mailbox or a directory or whatever, use:

      $ file /var/mail/userme  X

   On my machine this looks like:

      $ file /var/mail/userme
      /var/mail/carel: ISO-8859 mail text, with very long lines

		On mine it was similar:
			/var/mail/userme ISO-8859 mail text but nothing else

   so it's in standard mbox format.  If it were in maildir format, it
   would have been a directory and the output would likely look like:

      $ file /var/mail/userme
      /var/mail/carel: setgid directory

	Not this.

3) To see whether new mail arives, use: X

     $ du /var/mail/userme
     $ echo just testing | mail -s test userme
     $ du /var/mail/userme

   On my machine this looks like:

     $ du /var/mail/carel
     132	/var/mail/carel
     $ echo just testing | mail -s test carel
     $ du /var/mail/carel
     136	/var/mail/carel

		On mine it looks similar:

			$ du /var/mail/userme
			712 /var/mail/userme
			$ du /var/mail/userme (no "echo just testing | mail -s test userme)
			712 /var/mail/userme

4) To look at the mail itself we need to know the format of the mail spool.
   in case it's in mbox format (see test 2), use:

     $ tail /var/mail/userme

   on my machie this looks like:

     $ tail /var/mail/cf
             id 17wiLZ-0000yt-00
             for <cf@animus.felnet>; Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:11:21 +0200
     To: cf@animus.felnet
     Subject: test
     Message-Id: <E17wiLZ-0000yt-00@animus.felnet>
     From: Carel Fellinger <cf@mail.felnet>
     Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:11:21 +0200

     just testing

		On mine it looks similar:

			id 17wj07-000064-00
			for <userme@mydomain.net> date...

			just testing

If the above 4 steps yield similar results, then exim is definitely
working as it should, and you can move on to fixing your email client

A few differences, I do not know if they are revealing of any problems.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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