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Re: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 08:35:37PM -0700, Michael Olds wrote:
> Carel:
> OK! I ran ls -l... with these results:
> mail	0	date	drafts
> 	0		inbox
> 	840		sentmail
> 	1613		trash
> I looked in the trash directory and there was nothing there.
> But this looks like it is giving me what is in /home/userme, not what is in
> /var/mail/userme

I've to guess here, cause I can't see the real output, nor the exact
command you gave, but it looks like you just listed ~userme/Mail.  I
guess some more, you're doing your mail on a windows machine and have
a hard time copying output from the linux box into the email:) I sure
hope you've two machines running and don't need to reboot while doing
email just to run some checks.

So let's make the checks simpler and less output copious:)

1) On the linux box login as userme.

2) To check if it's a normal mailbox or a directory or whatever, use:

      $ file /var/mail/userme

   On my machine this looks like:

      $ file /var/mail/userme
      /var/mail/carel: ISO-8859 mail text, with very long lines

   so it's in standard mbox format.  If it were in maildir format, it
   would have been a directory and the output would likely look like:

      $ file /var/mail/userme
      /var/mail/carel: setgid directory

3) To see whether new mail arives, use:

     $ du /var/mail/userme
     $ echo just testing | mail -s test userme
     $ du /var/mail/userme

   On my machine this looks like:

     $ du /var/mail/carel 
     132	/var/mail/carel
     $ echo just testing | mail -s test carel
     $ du /var/mail/carel 
     136	/var/mail/carel

4) To look at the mail itself we need to know the format of the mail spool.
   in case it's in mbox format (see test 2), use:

     $ tail /var/mail/userme

   on my machie this looks like:

     $ tail /var/mail/cf 
             id 17wiLZ-0000yt-00
             for <cf@animus.felnet>; Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:11:21 +0200
     To: cf@animus.felnet
     Subject: test
     Message-Id: <E17wiLZ-0000yt-00@animus.felnet>
     From: Carel Fellinger <cf@mail.felnet>
     Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:11:21 +0200

     just testing

If the above 4 steps yield similar results, then exim is definitely
working as it should, and you can move on to fixing your email client

groetjes, carel

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