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Re: VIA KT8266A + VIA VT8233A w/ AC97 sound

* D. Nathan Cookson <dorzak@earthlink.net> [02-10-2002 07:20]:
> 1 - Does anybody know from definitive experience the status of support for
> the Via VT8233A southbridge in Debian kernels?

Compile a 2.4.19 kernel of your own. I had to do it bacause of a new
motherboard, was scared, but can recommend it. The reference manual,
chapter 7, has all the details. Getting .config right might be
tricky, so if you need more help on that, ask.

> 2 - Does anybody have a good walkthrough for getting sound working, well,
> with the on board sound?  In this case the board is a MSI K7T266-Pro 2A
> board.

Depends on the audio chipset used. AC97 by chance?. I use an SBlive,
so I have not enabled anything, but dmesg shows the AC97 audio codec
is being recognized all the same. I can only guess that the rest is


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