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Re: VIA KT8266A + VIA VT8233A w/ AC97 sound

nate, 2002-Oct-01 22:29 -0700:
> D. Nathan Cookson said:
> > 2 - Does anybody have a good walkthrough for getting sound working, well,
> > with the on board sound?  In this case the board is a MSI K7T266-Pro 2A
> > board.
> This probably isn't what your looking to hearing, but I'll say it
> anyways since I am an owner of 2 similar VIA boards(Asus CUV4X) which
> have IDE and sound trouble.
> Simple solution: disable the onboard sound. Get a PCI soundcard(I reccomend
> ES1370 or ES1371 a.k.a Soundblaster PCI 128 - ~$30)

I have to second nate's recommendation on the sound.  I have a Soyo
P4VDA motherboard with this sound chip.  I've tried compiling the
2.4.19 kernel with the appropriate sound built in and as modules with
no success.  I've also gone the ALSA way with no success.  The closest
I can get is with ALSA, where the machine acts as though sound is
working, but I can't actually hear anything.  Building it into the
kernel, or as modules for the kernel, always gives me a "not
supported" message when it loads.


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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