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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 23:57, nate wrote:
> Russell said:
> > Rick wrote:
> > Start off simple. Just get console apps working first, then install
> console doesn't get enough exposure. nowadays most anyone cares
> about is getting X running with their KDE3 or GNOME2. kinda sad,
> the console offers a lot of power, I remember back when I used
> slackware I spent most of my time at the console, things are
> so responsive! It's great being able to swap terminals with a touch

Why do people keep saying this?  

Even on 5yo h/w, re-sizable xterms and virtual desktops are 1000x 
more flexible than 25x80 consoles.

And you get the best of both worlds: curses + GUI...

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