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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Russell said:
> Rick wrote:

> Start off simple. Just get console apps working first, then install

console doesn't get enough exposure. nowadays most anyone cares
about is getting X running with their KDE3 or GNOME2. kinda sad,
the console offers a lot of power, I remember back when I used
slackware I spent most of my time at the console, things are
so responsive! It's great being able to swap terminals with a touch
of a(couple) buttons, even under high load its fast. people who
are really wanting to get to know linux should spend a lot of time
on the console, since most administration is done from the
command line anyways(I haven't seen a linux distro yet that ships
X-based remote config tools, so either they gotta use the console,
or learn how to forward X over SSH(slooooooooow), vnc(sloooooow),
export the display over the LAN(insecure)...unless they do
all administration from the console(I'd rather do it from
my laptop in my bedroom while watching TV personally)

I tried VNC out again recently(tightvnc), its improved since last
time I tried it(1999), but still quite slow when I tunnel it
either through SSH or stunnel, performance drops about 75% when
tunneling it(Connecting a Athlon 1300/768MB to a Dual P3-450 1.5GB
on a 100mbit switched LAN).

my home X setup is pretty bare, I remember starting out on slackware
I had fvwm95, then moved to KDE1, then to afterstep, still using
afterstep, more often then not though people couldn't reconigze that
I have it runing since I turn off the pager and the dock, nothing
on the screen but the apps.


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