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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Ron Johnson said:
> Why do people keep saying this?
> Even on 5yo h/w, re-sizable xterms and virtual desktops are 1000x  more
> flexible than 25x80 consoles.
> And you get the best of both worlds: curses + GUI...

to force the user to adjust to the command line. this is very important
if they are really interested in linux and not get sidetracked by
fancy GUI tools. I know at least for myself I learned an immense amount
when using the console compared to X, now that I have mastered much
of the command line stuff, using X is fine, as all i use are a few
apps(mostly terminals). But in my experience training people to use linux,
and helping people(in person), they gravitate towards the graphical
interfaces, and fear the command line. Over the years I have trained/taught
about 3 dozen people, so it's not a whole lot, but thats my experience.

if they just want to *use* linux(or *bsd or *nix in general) and not
to *learn* it, its not as important.


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