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Re: Boot procedure loops

Rox de Gabba wrote:
Hey, i downloaded a boot cd and the install procedure got into a loop right at the first question (Choose language - after choosing a language it just keeps asking the question over and over again.) First i thought it was a hardware compatibility problem (an old pentium 220) but then i tried it on brand new pentium 3 machine and it did the same thing over again.

Has anyone heared of such problems? Is there a way to fix this? A workaround maybe?

That sounds like a problem that used to occur with wpre-release woody cds (although I thought it loop through the first 4 or so questions...). If it is the same problem, the workaround is to download the stable version of base-config (ver 1.33.18) (125.8k). When you have done the initial install/reboot, instead of continuing to the infinite loop do the following:

1. Switch to a terminal screen, (CTL-ALT-F1).
2. Login as root.
3. Switch to single user mode (init 1)
4. Install the new version of base-config from a floppy or some other media / hdd / whatever. (dpkg -i base-config_1.33.18.deb)
5. Reboot and continue install.


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