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Re: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)

This one time, at band camp, Michael Olds said:
> Stephen,
> Thank you for this reply. Answers to your questions below your questions:

> ls -l /var/mail/$USER will tell you if there's any mail there (if it
> has a nonzero size, you do.)  If there's mail there, then the problem
> is the setup of your mail clients in reading it.  All of the mail
> clients (AFAIK, correct me if I'm wrong) can be made to read from the
> mail spool.
> ls -1 /var/mail/$USER gives me
> /var/mail/userme and that is all.
> the file itself if 700kb which isn't zero.

You've got mail!  (Sorry, couldn't help it, crawl under rock)

But seriously, this means there is 700k of mail (a fair amount) sitting
in your mail spool.  Look to your mail client's (kmail?) configuration
to see why you can't read it.  You should be able to set it to read the
system amilbox somehow.

> I can send mail out. Are you saying exim does not process the mail that is
> received? ( don't mean retrieve it as with an email client, but put it in
> /var/mail/$USER ?

exim receives mail via SMTP if sent to that box (which it is in your
case), and if there are no user directives saying otherwise
(.procmailrc, .forward, etc.) just dumps the mail in the mail spool.  It
looks like it's doing that.  exim also sends mail via SMTP, but you say
you can send just fine, so I'm guessing that it's working on that end,

Again, check out your MUA - I suspect the MTA is fine.


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