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Re: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)

This one time, at band camp, Michael Olds said:
> Hello,
> Exim on Woody
> Trying again here, I posted on Friday afternoon and by Saturday I knew there
> wasn't a hope of my request for help being seen.
> At this point I have again run out of possible solutions:
> I have Exim set up. I believe it is set up properly as I used the defaults
> mostly. I can send mail from my Linux box, but I cannot receive mail, either
> internally or from the outside. The log indicates that mail is being
> received and is being delivered no errors. I am using the Kmail e-mail
> client, which I have uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times just to
> check. If there is a better client I am listening. I am sure this is
> something silly, like permissions, but I do not know where to look next for
> the solution. As far as I can tell the relevant directories and files are
> user me and group mail, not sure if it is correct or safe, but also with
> read, write, and execute for both.
> Anyone have an idea as to what I should dig into next to get this up?

OK, if you have a default Debian install, exim installs mail into
/var/mail/$USER, and /var/spool/mail is a symlink to /var/mail. 

ls -l /var/mail/$USER will tell you if there's any mail there (if it
has a nonzero size, you do.)  If there's mail there, then the problem
is the setup of your mail clients in reading it.  All of the mail
clients (AFAIK, correct me if I'm wrong) can be made to read from the
mail spool.

If you can send mail, exim is probably working - it's job is SMTP only.
exim (or postfix/sendmail, etc) do not _retrieve_ mail.  You will
only get mail sent to you by local jobs (cron, etc) or other users on
your box, unless this box is also the MX in the DNS for your domain.  I
don't have any details of your setup, but if this is a standard
workstation install, without a domain name attached to it, this doesn't
seem likely.  Again, correct me if I'm wrong, and fill in other details
as you think necessary.

I missed where this thread started, but you make reference to sendmail.
I don't know sendmail that well (does anybody? (^8 ), but I do get the
gist at least of exim, and I'll help with what I can.

To see a need and wait to be asked, is to already refuse.

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