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RE: The Real Problem With Debian


Is Debian your *first* Linux distribution (just curious)?  I know I
would have probably the same feelings (that Debian "sucked") if that was
the case for me.  I find Debian, however, to be *superb* considering I
have tried numerous distributions over time.

Distros with too much bloat:

Slackware (Multiple Versions)
Red Hat (Multiple Versions)

Nice, but not what I was looking for:

Linux From Scratch (just a little-too-custom)
FREESCO (floppy router - my favorite "Linux" so far - nice package

I came up with a list of wants:

idea linux distribution

1. small, fast install
2. packages that build on base system and are easily installed 3.
current kernel

So debian fit perfectly.  I did a network install, off 3 floppy disks,
downloaded the base system in a few hours over 28.8bps.

I then did (over a few weeks):

 tasksel X Window System

 apt-get install ftp
 apt-get install ssh
 apt-get install ncftp
 apt-get install lynx
 apt-get install unzip
 apt-get install gaim
 apt-get install mozilla-browser
 apt-get install fluxbox
 apt-get install gpm
 apt-get install ftpd
 apt-get install wget
 apt-get install nmap

and I have just about everything I want at this point in time.  I'm also
going to replace my fresco router with Debian when I get the time to set
it up since apt-get can get me all the packages I need (dhcpd, etc)

So, I'm just disagreeing, but I do value your opinion - it IS hard to
find a Linux distribution that fits everyones personality/needs.

Jim Hribar

*Satisfied* Debian User.

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Subject: The Real Problem With Debian

This will be my last post to the Debian users list.  I want to thank
for all their help, and patience.  However I would like to say a little 
something as well:

Debian is supposedly a great OS, it is configurable, custimizable, and 
powerful, but Debian is ultimately misleading for many people.  Debian
is an 
OS that may be used on a server, or a developer's computer, so he can
feel the balls in his system, but it should not have been used on my 
computer, or a couple of my friend's computers.

The Real Problem With Debian is that it is MANUAL.  Everything must be
manually, now although there may be a script or two to ease things
these often DON'T WORK.  I have spent two weeks fighting slackware,
trying to 
get it to work with my printer, and sound card.  Then I spent two weeks 
fighting Debian, trying to get it to work with my mouse, printer,
card, and sound card.  After installing Mandrake, everything worked 
instantaneously, sound, card, network, printer, EVERYTHING.  It ran
too, I don't know why, but it did, and it had newer programs, like
Which distro do you think I stuck with?

This is not an attempt to convert any Debian users on this list, but it
is a 
statement.  I spent a month fighting Slackware and Debian, and 45
fighting Mandrake.  Full balls is nice, but how about having a system
that is 
full balls, but ALSO is as easy to configure as mandrake?

People on IRC tell me that my hardware is flaky, yet it works perfectly
Mandrake.  People on IRC were rude, and even elitist, and made fun of me
often then helping me.  A stark contrast to the helpfullness of the
folks on 
the mailing list, odd.

The ironic thing is that my computer was so stock, it was Lynksis NC100
(tulip module) with a ESS1969 Solo card, a s3ViRGE 4mb video card, and a

Logitech USB wheel mouse.  This should not have taken me two weeks to 
configure on ANY distro.  The point is that Debian is flaky, it is too
some call configuration tools "bloat", and call guis "evil", but 
configuration tools are the way of the future, and guis have been around
20 years.  The problem is that these are the same people that work on
it is too bad some of the corporate "customer comes first" mentality
get into Debian.  I donated $4 to Debian, more then many can claim, I
guess I 
got EXACTLY what I paid for.  Good luck to all of you, and thanks again.

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