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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

you seek balance my bro. it's understandable. pick
a distro and go with the flow. don't be to quick
to point out the 'flaws'...

i've been using debian for 2 years now with
nothing but demented hardware.. it all works. and
yes, there is a lot of toil and sweat i had to put
in to it. but the experience was well worth it.

good luck with mandrake...  because, that's where
i started.. and now i have a sick love affair with
my debian and freebsd boxes. oh, can you feel the
power?  :-D

good luck dude..  i hope you find what you are
looking for... but i think i may speak for some of
the list when i say, 'i think you'll be back'

hee hee


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