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Re: Samba 'security=domain' help

tony mollica said:
> Hello.  I'm trying to put my user directories from an nt
> network(domain) on a Debian box with Samba 2.0.7 and soon to
> have quota support.  I would like the domain server to supply
> the password support and I have the 'security', 'password server'
> and 'encrypt passwords' variables set.  The daemons have
> been restarted, but it seems the passwords still have to
> be the same on both servers.

if your wanting to authenticate from the domain the easiest way
is to do security=SERVER and set the password server to the
PDC of the NT domain. You don't have to do security=domain.
If you really do want to do security=domain(can you say why?
I cannot see any advantage to using it). I believe you have to
join the samba server to the domain(search google on this, its
not a very straight forward process IMO).

I have used security=SERVER to authenticate off NT4 PDCs for
several years and its always worked flawlessly for me.


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