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Samba 'security=server' Debian/Windows passwd consistency [was Re: Samba 'security=domain' help]

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 12:38:36PM -0700, nate wrote:
> if your wanting to authenticate from the domain the easiest way
> is to do security=SERVER and set the password server to the
> PDC of the NT domain. You don't have to do security=domain.
> If you really do want to do security=domain(can you say why?
> I cannot see any advantage to using it). I believe you have to
> join the samba server to the domain(search google on this, its
> not a very straight forward process IMO).
> I have used security=SERVER to authenticate off NT4 PDCs for
> several years and its always worked flawlessly for me.
> nate

At work I have setup a Debian machine which I use for console access and
also as a file server for a few other people. I am in a Windows
environment so I set up Samba to enable shares. Pursuing a more
practical solution, I changed the "security=user" default to the
following global options:

password server= servername

and then, as a test, changed my Windows network password. I was able to
access my shares on the  Debian machine after that using the new
password. That makes me think that my Samba setup is successful in
passing on the authentication to the domain PDC.

However, I would like to also access my user account on the Debian
machine which has the same login ID as the one I use for the Windows
network. Is it possible to set this up so that the password either gets
updated automatically from the PDC, or, in the very least, it can be
authenticated against the PDC?

I know that when the "security=user" option is used, one can set the
"unix password sync" option. Is there an equivalent for


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