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Re: galeon and its problems (was: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default)

#include <hallo.h>
martin f krafft wrote on Tue Oct 01, 2002 um 03:44:08PM:

>   (d) it keeps forgetting the homepage i set. on every restart, it's
>       back to gnome.org (#145017)
>   (e) it forgets the mailer selection and always goes back to Gnome
>   (f) it crashes frequently on X cut'n'paste
>   (g) in general, it crashes frequently and usually forgets some to
>       a lot of the user preferences. that's a pain.

My feeling says, you have a problem with broken oafd or gconfd. I faced
similar problems on major version change of gconfd some moths ago, and the
only way to make Galeon stable again, was purging everything with oafd and
gconfd, wipping user's configuration files (.oafd, .gconfd, .galeon) and
reinstalling the cruft. Now it works fine with few unimportant glitches.


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