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onboard Ac'97 chipset was: Re: problem with sound card from a newbie

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 02:13:46AM -0500, Kent West wrote:
> Run "modconf" and see if there's a module available for the 82440MX. 
> You'll either need such a module loaded (lsmod shows only the ethernet 
> nic module loaded), or you'll need support for that chipset compiled 
> directly into the kernel (which would probably only be the case if 
> you've compiled your own kernel and included that support, which you 
> seem to indicate that you've done). If the kernel sources or modules 
> don't work properly, you may need to use an "outside" driver, such as 
> the alsa drivers. I had to do this for my onboard AC'97 chipset (via8233).
> Kent

Kent (or anyone else who knows),

How did you get your onboard AC'97 chipset (via8233) working?  I've just
bought a Gigabyte GA-7VRX motherboard with this chip and can't get sound
working. I'm running woody, with kernel 2.4.19 (from
kernel-source-2.4.19-1) and I tries installing the alsa packages, but
every time I got the via8233 module (and it's dependancies) loaded, my
whole system froze - network, keyboard - hard reset necessary. I can't
find any relevant messages in the logs.

If it is of any relevance, I'm running the NVIDIA kernel and GLX modules
for my GeForce 4MX.

If you've got step-by-step instructions, or some hints for where to
look, I'd appreciate it.



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