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Re: LDAP address book - where to start?

this is great stuff!!


On Monday 30 September 2002 17:44, nate wrote:
> Erik Steffl said:
> >   I'd appreaciate an advice on where to start when I want to have LDAP
> > based address book that can be accessed from various mail clients, at
> > least mozilla mail client (mutt, evolution a plus). a web interface
> > would be nice. any hints on where to look, which one to use etc.
> >
> >   TIA!
> >
> >   (I use unstable)
> >
> >   btw I checked howtos (searched www.linuxdoc.org), I found some info
> > there but it's kinda scattered so I would appreciate some pointers...
> I wrote up a detailed ldap HOWTO and posted it on my site:
> http://howto.linuxpowered.net/ldap/ldap.html
> it is a bit overkill for just an address book but it can give you
> an understanding of LDAP, how to install it, how to configure it
> etc. I reccomend LDAP explorer for database maintainence. The
> information is there to setup a directory which supports email clients
> but the information in there is a lot more then most email clients
> use(it won't hurt anything though). It's pretty easy once you understand
> the basics behind LDAP and how to manage it(what my doc hopefully
> explains).
> I wrote it because, like you said theres not much out there, it took
> me several months to build up the knowledge so I could write that
> document.
> hope it helps!
> nate

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