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Re: OT: how to make kmail open links in mozilla

also sprach Michael Brade <brade@kde.org> [2002.09.26.2013 +0200]:
> > noooooo. don't pose that question to Michael. he's a KDE evangelist
> > and you know how that goes; the problems get eclipsed by good lucks
> > and the good features. that's not KDE specific anyway.
> ...that Martin didn't understand, obviously. Hey Martin, I know you like to 
> provoke, but I have to reply anyways;

well, you took me too seriously too... ;^>

> So... no, I really can't understand why one would wish not to use
> Konqueror or KMail ;-)) [sorry, couldn't resist]

maybe if one opposes to kdelibs and all the other cruft being
installed alongside. those who don't use KDE i mean.

> Bottom line; I'm really happy with KDE, especially KDE 3.1, and
> I can't wait to have it in Debian (even if only to get Martin off
> his twm ;-)

i can't either, but not for myself. i am a happy WindowMaker user,
with no desire to switch ever...

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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"we all know Linux is great...
 it does infinite loops in 5 seconds."
                                                     -- linus torvalds

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