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Re: Help with Debian apt-get & Gnome2

>>>>> "Anand" == Anand Subramanian <anand@myrealbox.com> writes:

Anand> Hi, I recently converted to Debian from RH and though I managed
Anand> to install Debian 3.0 rev0 on my laptop and could connect to the
Anand> internet via DSL, I simply am not able to upgrade to
Anand> Gnome2. Installation on my Presario 715US was my smoothest
Anand> ever...but the 2.2 kernel, old gnome etc. make it painful for a
Anand> recent convert <Groan!>

Anand> I tried several variations of : $apt-get --fix-broken -t
Anand> experimental install gnome2 but it throws up a whole list of
Anand> dependencies : ...

I bet that you're running into the problem of apt not wanting to
automatically upgrade packages from project/experimental.  This makes a
lot of sense when you realize that experimental contains many packages
(e.g. libpam0g) that could easily break your system, and which haven't
been fully tested.  (After all, that's why it's called experimental.)

You need to tell apt to upgrade those packages that you want to upgrade
using "pinning".  "man apt_preferences" for more information.
Basically, you need to create an /etc/apt/preferences file which lists
all the packages that you want to upgrade, and assign it a higher Pin.
It is possible to assign the Pin to the entire experimental archive, but
don't do that unless you want to mess up your system.

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