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Re: IMAP is a memory hog

-- Brendan J Simon <brendan.simon@bigpond.com> wrote
(on Monday, 23 September 2002, 01:13 PM +1000):
> I've noticed that the IMAP daemon is very memory hungry.  I've noticed 
> our server slowing down and swapping and top reports that imap is taking 
> 50-70MB of memory.  Why so high ???
> Is there a bug or is it just the way the IMAP protocol works (can't see 
> how).  I've tried 2 IMAP servers with similar results.
> Is there a light weight IMAP server that anyone recommends ???
> I'm using Debian 3.0 on PowerPC and Intel architectures.

What IMAP daemon are you using? which have you tried? There's a number
of them out there -- the UW imapd, Courier, and Cyrus are the most
typical, but I know there are others out there, and variants on each of

I've been using Courier for about a year now, and it's incredibly
lightweight. In reading other messages on this thread, I also would
recommend that you use some sort of spam filter -- spamassassin, etc. --
to filter mails BEFORE they are moved from the spoolfile to the IMAP
directories. This will save disk space, IMAP processes, and your time.


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