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Re: getting a new package into next stable revision?

Josef Oswald <oswald@chello.at> writes:

> Well why then did the Xemacs-version I pulled from _stable_ at
> start-up display this message : debian-xemacs-version:  Symbols' value
> as variable is void, while one from testing does not?
> Or am I the sole person who encountered this strange problem? 

Well, taking note of the history of your Xemacs from over in
comp.emacs.xemacs, I suspect that when going from Progeny to woody ie
stable, you had some left-over gubbins, maybe config files or site-lisp
stuff from progeny which was demanding the wrong variable - but having
purged Xemacs in the Debian way you got rid of all that?  Or the upgrad
from testing overwrote it?

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