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Re: Can't make internet connection

Jerry Van Brimmer wrote:
Hi All,
I'm brand spanking new to debian. I have managed to get Woody installed,
and now I'm  trying to get ppp configured. I installed kppp and am using
that to try to connect to the internet. I created all of my account and
modem settings in kppp to match the ones in kppp in my Mandrake
installation. In Woody, when I dial my isp, as soon as kppp tries to
make the connection I get an error message window saying pppd exited
with an "Exit status 1". Man pppd says: "An immediately fatal error of
some kind occurred, such as an essential system call failing, or run-
ning out of virtual memory." I have no idea what that means. Can someone
help please?



I don't use KPPP here, so I can't be of much help with that particular program. I used to use another PPP config program in Debian called "pppconfig", which I think is extremely simple, and always seems to work.

I suggest you try to run pppconfig as "root" and fill in the blanks for your particular situation. Leave the name as "provider" (the default entry" and let it search for your modem. It will try to autodetect it. A lot of people have problems at this particular step because of either having a winmodem or a "normal" PnP modem configured on a weird serial port. You can gain a lot of info from just running this program and seeing where it fails.

If every goes well, then try the "pon" command and it should dial out for you.

-Don Spoon-

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