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Re: How to get $DISPLAY

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 23:27, nate wrote:
> not sure really what your asking, but if your just wanting to ssh
> to a debian system and run an X app tunneled over the ssh connection
> you can best start with installing xbase-clients (I like to test the
> X ssh tunnel using xclock). that will grab any libraries it may need
> as well(provided you use apt-get).
> for sending X connections over cleartext(not tunneled through SSH)
> just export the display e.g.:

Hi Nate, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I always use SSH to tunnel my displays back to my workstation
(although I used to do the 'export DISPLAY=host:0' back in the day).

I have the xbase-clients package installed, but that doesn't seem to be
the piece of the puzzle that I'm missing:

# dpkg -l |grep xbase
rc  xbase-clients  4.1.0-16       miscellaneous X clients

Thu 19 Sep 23:34:39
bw@schlomo [~]
# echo $DISPLAY


But here's what I get when I ssh into one of my Mandrake boxes with no X
stuff installed other than what it takes to get xauth on there:

Thu 19 Sep 23:39:18
bw@pico [~]
# echo $DISPLAY

Do you have xauth on your system?  I'm running testing/unstable right
now, but I don't even know if this is what's needed in Debian to get
$DISPLAY.  If you do have xauth somewhere on your box, could you do a
'dpkg -S /path/to/xauth' and tell me what package owns it?

Thanks again,


PS:  X11Forwarding is set to 'yes' in my sshd_config.

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