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RE: Why do I need to be a %^#$# programmer to use Linux?

deFreese, Barry said:
> OK, stupid n00b question coming.  How can I capture the screen output in
> my terminal to a file so I can show you the errors that I am getting?  I
> tried outputting or piping to a file and it doesn't work.  Is there some
> way for me to capture the screen output to a file?? ( You know in
> winblows, I can just cut and paste!! :-) )

as someone else pointed out you can redirect the output which is the
easiest method, I do it this way:

rpm --rebuild filename.src.rpm >&/tmp/rebuild.log

(you won't see anything on the screen until the command completes)

you can go a bit further:

rpm --rebuild filename.src.rpm >&tmp/rebuild.log & tail -f /tmp/rebuild.log

(you'll need to CTRL-C once the rebuild is complete to exit)


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