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Re: unstable, just how unstable is it

Well, be careful if you are trying to upgrade from testing to unstable.
I tried it last night and got stuck in some kind of conflict between coreutils
and fileutils, where you were somehow going to have to temporarily remove
fileutils because of the conflict. I decided to stick with testing from now, but
not before I lost some stuff on my system--that was my own fault for a choice I
made, didn't just automatically happen in the attempt to upgrade. am still
fineding out packages I removed by the bad decision I made. anyway, if you get
stuck with a problem during the upgrade, look very carefully at your options
before you do anything.
It's the first time i ever really had a serious problem doing an upgrade between
stable, testing and unstable, and I've done it several times. but one should
never become too complacent, especially when dealing with an upgrade to


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