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Re: Setting up a Bootloader, post install.

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On Friday 13 September 2002 01:49 pm, sobriquet wrote:
> I've installed Woody on an old machine (a 486!), and as a temporary fix I
> used a floppy disk to boot, allowing regular boots to load Win95(!). Now
> the Win partition is gone completely, so I'd like to have debian take over
> the mbr and the bootstrap process completely, as a single boot system.
> How do I go about doing this, without going through the install process
> again? Do I simply need to install GRUB or LILO? Or is there anything else
> I need to think about?
> Much thanks.

    Greetings 'putyournamehere':

I would be surprised if lilo isn't already installed.  Check with:
dpkg -l lilo
If you see something like: 
ii  lilo               22.2-3
Then it's installed.  Just run /sbin/lilo and it should write to the mbr.  If 
you don't have lilo, then install it and the config should walk you through 
it.  Also, if you have questions, use 'man lilo' and I think 'man lilo.conf'.

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