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Re: low ripping speed ??

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 10:05:42PM +0200, Geek Assault wrote:
> I'm using grip to rip with a recent DVD drive (bought in july). The rip speed is VERY slow, i don't get much higher 
> than 2.4x. Someone suggested using cdda2wav instead of the standard slower cdparanoia, and I checked the DMA too,
> but still no effect. Is this behaviour normal ?? Am i missing a kernel config option or something. My top
> states 71.5 % activity -> oggenc and 23.0 % system on my Athlon XP 1800+ system with 512Mb RAM.
> Any ideas ?

cdparanoia rips slow.  Period.  That's the way things work.  cdparanoia
always strives for a 'perfect' rip.  That means that it will correct
errors when it can and only gives up on part of a CD when it is
impossible to read data from it.  It also eliminates jitter.  Depending
on how well manufactured (i.e., how cheap) your DVD-ROM drive is,
there might be a lot a jitter to correct.  One option that I found when
I started using cdparanoia is an increase in speeds when I put my
DVD-ROM drive under IDE-SCSI emulation, as directed in the cdparanoia
documentation.  My rip speeds went to 4x instead of 2x with zero jitter
or loss of quality.

Only use cdda2wav if you know your CDs are in perfect quality and don't
mind the occasional 'blemish' in the quality.

Best regards,

Edward Guldemond

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