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Compile libssl from source package

Logging into my Sparcstation using ssh is very slow. Thanks to the
friendly advise of another Debian/Sparc user I now know this is
because of the compile time option used for libssl.

Googling around a bit I found out that I have to "rebuild
openssl/libssl/libcrypto, adding a -mv8 flag to gcc".

I have used apt-file and apt-get to find out and download the source
for libssl0.9.6. 

Since I am not yet familiar with the magic of configure and
make, and the Debian wrappers used to build a deb, I am not sure
where to put the gcc flag.

Since the Sparc is a gateway and besides that very slow, I can't
have a couple of trial and errors while building the new ssl
libraries. So where do I change/add the -mv8 option for gcc?

On a related note, why did apt-get source fetch the unstable source
package? In my sources.list I have stable, testing and unstable but
have stable defined as default release in apt.conf.


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