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Re: shutdown without waking up the monitor


Geoff Crompton wrote on Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 08:25:58AM +1000: 
geoff> > like at instances where we are maintaining boxen through networks, it
geoff> > just helps when there isn't costly apparels.
geoff> > </ot>

geoff>   What about running powerd, and having some sort of very simple switch
geoff>   plugged into the serial port? As I understand it, powerd just looks
geoff>   for one of the lines to go high (or to go low, I'm not sure which).
geoff>   (Idea not my own, a friend at the office suggested it)

powerd is of great news/help to me. :) thx.

but, but I was thinking of a device that would fool old bioses into the
into the thinking that there _is_ indeed a keyboard. 

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