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Re: shutdown without waking up the monitor

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@dman.ddts.net> wrote:
> Problem: the electric company often cuts power here either for 10
> minutes or for the whole day.  One can only guess what it will be.
> With both my monitor and computer on, my UPS can only last 5 minutes,
> but with the monitor off, the UPS can last 20 minutes.  (No, I have
> the most basic UPS with no com port hook up.)
> > I could hit the plastic button on my monitor to turn it off, but if
> power is restored, then it is a shame to have turned it on and off:
> wear and tear.  Best would to be to put it into a standby mode.  Then
> if 15 minutes have gone by, go into shutdown via script, without
> reviving the monitor via keyboard actions.  However I am having
> trouble writing this.

csj> Same power problemo here. I found my solution a few months ago. I
csj> installed emacs + emacspeak + flite + eflite (needs a few bits of
csj> non-automatic configuring). Emacspeak lets you compute without a
csj> monitor! In my case it lets me do basic computer administration. When a
csj> power outage hits I set my terminal (window or tab) to an emacs(peak)
csj> shell and promptly turn off the monitor. If the power isn't restored
csj> within say 10 mins, I can su to root and issue the shutdown
csj> command.

Yes, but you still physically (push the button) turn off the monitor.
You have not managed to shutdown without somehow waking up the
monitor, so you must physically turn it off.

I don't need to touch the keyboard again.  My script will do the
shutdown in 10 minutes.  I just can't figure out to run the shutdown
command without waking up the monitor.
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