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Re: shutdown without waking up the monitor

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Suraj Kumar wrote:

> hi,
> Geoff Crompton wrote on Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 08:25:58AM +1000: 
> geoff> > like at instances where we are maintaining boxen through networks, it
> geoff> > just helps when there isn't costly apparels.
> geoff> > </ot>
> geoff>   What about running powerd, and having some sort of very simple switch
> geoff>   plugged into the serial port? As I understand it, powerd just looks
> geoff>   for one of the lines to go high (or to go low, I'm not sure which).
> geoff> 
> geoff>   (Idea not my own, a friend at the office suggested it)
> powerd is of great news/help to me. :) thx.
> but, but I was thinking of a device that would fool old bioses into the
> into the thinking that there _is_ indeed a keyboard. 

You probably checked that, but (just in case) check your bios for 'Halt on
all errors but keyboard' option. With this set, your PC will start without
keyboard. Unfortunately some (most of my) PCs don't have this option...

But you still can remove a PCB from your keyboard (the one your secretary
spilled coffee on ;-) , wrap it with some insulation (plastic box is
optimal, but even paper will do if you only do it firmly), put it
somewhere inside your case (self-adhesive tape), extend cable through one
of slots at the back, plug it into socket - et voila'! This is what I did
(kind of McGyver's work, right?). Not very professional, but works for me.



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