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Re: shutdown without waking up the monitor

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 01:35:19PM +0530, Suraj Kumar wrote:
> hi,
> Adam Galant wrote on Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 09:31:29AM +0200: 
> adam> I'm not sure this is what you need (I didn't follow the thread from the
> adam> beginning), but you can edit your /etc/inittab and change action on
> adam> CTRL-ALT-DEL from reboot to halt. This is what I'm using on a couple of
> adam> printer servers: their BIOSes can do without monitor, but cannot without a
> adam> keyboard ('No keyboard present. Press F1 to continue.' ;-) So I had to
> adam> leave keyboards attached, but with this setup I can easily shut them down
> adam> without using ssh/telnet/anything. Currently I plan to remove a PCB from a
> adam> keyboard and attach a single key which will do CTRL-ALT-DEL. With this key
> adam> on the case I will not need to attach separate keyboard to the box!
> <ot>
> I was wondering if there was some sort of a 'dummy' keyboard available
> in the market so that it can be plugged in, instead of a full-fledged
> keyboard. 
> like at instances where we are maintaining boxen through networks, it
> just helps when there isn't costly apparels.
> </ot>
>   -Suraj

  What about running powerd, and having some sort of very simple switch
  plugged into the serial port? As I understand it, powerd just looks
  for one of the lines to go high (or to go low, I'm not sure which).

  (Idea not my own, a friend at the office suggested it)

  Geoff Crompton

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