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Re: Samba, PAM, Authentication off an NT Domain

Mark Roach wrote:
On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 18:34, Kent West wrote:

When I try to add the machine to the domain as per the man page, with this command:

	sudo smbpasswd -j ACU -r campus.acu.edu -U ACU\westk

This might only be mistyped in this email, but you will need to do
ACU\\westk to prevent the shell from interpereting \w as an escape code


Wow! You got my hopes up. But alas, that made no difference. Still, to eliminate the as a possible problem, I added to /etc/samba/smb.conf the line "winbind separator = +" and tried it again with "-U ACU+westk", but still no joy.

BTW, if the machine has already been added to the domain from the Windows 2000 side of this dual-boot machine, and the name of the machine is the same on both the W2K and the Debian sides, do I need to add it to the domain from the Linux side as well? Is it a problem to have the same machine added under the same name but under two different OSes? I tried changing the name of the Debian side (I've got a script that greps for all the occurrences of the host name in /etc and changes 'em out, then I reboot (hey, it's not a server . . . .)) and adding the machine, but still no success.

Thanks for any enlightenment anyone can send my way!


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