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Re: Samba, PAM, Authentication off an NT Domain

On Tue, 2002-09-03 at 16:46, Kent West wrote:
> BTW, if the machine has already been added to the domain from the 
> Windows 2000 side of this dual-boot machine, and the name of the machine 
> is the same on both the W2K and the Debian sides, do I need to add it to 
> the domain from the Linux side as well? Is it a problem to have the same 
> machine added under the same name but under two different OSes? I tried 

Yes. Definitely a problem for both sides of the dual boot to share the
same name on the domain. 

> changing the name of the Debian side (I've got a script that greps for 
> all the occurrences of the host name in /etc and changes 'em out, then I 
> reboot (hey, it's not a server . . . .)) and adding the machine, but 
> still no success.

Check out this document:

Make sure you stop the samba daemons before attempting to join the


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