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Re: Debian update?

%% Tim Dijkstra <newsuser@famdijkstra.org> writes:

  td> * windowz (Can't seem to get wine working for that one win app I need
  td> for banking stuff) 

If you're talking about Quicken, go take a look at Crossover Office,
from codeweavers.com.  A "packaged" version of Wine; the latest version
(1.2.0) works pretty will for Quicken.  A few minor glitches, but I've
been able to do everything I need to: I can even update to new versions
of Quicken online, as well as download E*Trade, credit card, and bank
stuff online.

It's not free, but it's not too expensive (~$50 IIRC), and all the
improvements they make to Wine are contributed back.  At $50 it's more
than worth it for me to avoid booting Windows... and it's _kind of_ free
software, since it's all Wine-based (only the installer and some
packaging is non-free, IIRC)... :).

I'd love to use GnuCash but it's just not there for me yet.  Last I
heard they don't even have scheduled transactions, much less online
banking... I'll keep an eye on them though.

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