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Re: Debian update?

On 03 Sep 2002, Edward Guldemond wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 01:09:50PM +0000, DSC Siltec wrote:
> > So...
> > 
> > #1    I don't know if Loadlin works yet, but I'm not sure how to install
> > other bootup systems, and I really don't want to take away my dos
> > capabilities at this point.  I'd like to keep Loadlin, would like to
> > avoid LILO, but would accept something else -- but I'd need a page on
> > how to install it.  Loadlin is something I understand, if someone can
> > point me to a working copy.  As of May, it was broken.
> > Or maybe the BZImage2 compression was broken, but in that case I have to
> > have a way to recompile the BZImage2 (if that's been fixed).
> If you don't want LILO, but can't deal with Loadlin, how about using
> syslinux?  It allows you to store the kernel image on a floppy and boot
> from there.

Some people seem to have had problems with loadlin, but it's always
worked perfectly for me (for several years now). In fact, even if I
didn't need DOS at all (I do, just for one thing) I'd keep a small DOS
partition just to be able to boot from it. What I like about it is that
if a kernel doesn't work for any reason it's extremely simple just to
reboot with the previous kernel.

I always compile my kernels from scratch (not the Debian way, I'm
afraid), copy them to /msdos, and then insert the appropriate line in my
linux.bat file.


@ECHO  DOS batch file to boot Linux.
@ECHO  Start the LOADLIN process:
c:\loadlin c:\bzimage.419 vga=8 root=/dev/hdb1 ro

The version of loadlin.exe is the current one on the Debian site as far
as I know.


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