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Hello all I wish to install IMP which is a PHP web based IMAP web mail client. One of its dependencies is Apache, which I already have installed from source by hand instead of using the deb package for it. Since I did not install the deb of Apache and Imp wants to pull in Apache what are my options? Compile everything by hand including PHP Imp etc etc. Install the deb for Apache and then link everything from my self complied version of Apache to where the deb installs Apache? Backup my conf files for Apache and then move them over to the new install of apache? I would like to be able to not have to install the deb apache at all if possiable, for I had to build some things into my own apache that may not be in Debians version (such as frontpage extensions for some microsoft loving users I have). Is there a way to avoid pulling apache in? Are the other debs such as PHP and IMP configured to look for Apache only where the Apache.deb would be? If so then I guess I have to hand complie everything?

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