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Re: Debian update?

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 01:09:50PM +0000, DSC Siltec wrote:
> So...
> #1    I don't know if Loadlin works yet, but I'm not sure how to install
> other bootup systems, and I really don't want to take away my dos
> capabilities at this point.  I'd like to keep Loadlin, would like to
> avoid LILO, but would accept something else -- but I'd need a page on
> how to install it.  Loadlin is something I understand, if someone can
> point me to a working copy.  As of May, it was broken.
> Or maybe the BZImage2 compression was broken, but in that case I have to
> have a way to recompile the BZImage2 (if that's been fixed).

If you don't want LILO, but can't deal with Loadlin, how about using
syslinux?  It allows you to store the kernel image on a floppy and boot
from there.

> #2    I'd still like some pointers on getting my ALSA started, my
> printer started, and (ideally) my CD-RW going too

As far as ALSA, that's out of my league.  For printing, try
http://www.linuxprinting.org/  Set up of the CD-RW drive depends
on what type of drive it is.  Is your CD-RW and IDE, SCSI, FireWire, or
USB drive?

> #3    I'm beginning to wonder:  do I really have the wrong distribution,
> considering that I can't seem to get a good install?  I picked Debian
> because of the online list servers and the wide user base, but is there
> something better for learners that would really help a person learn
> Linux?  Or should I just keep on persevering?  I have no problem
> persevering, but I'd like to know that I'm actually going forward.

Speaking from experience, Debian took a little while to get going
(almost) perfectly on my box, and I wouldn't dream of putting any other
distro on it.  The lists and wide user base are good reasons to choose
it.  If you stick it out, you'll probably have it down in no time.

Edward Guldemond

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