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Sound card driver for CM87389(rev 10)

I am working on getting sound set up on this Woody computer.
I got a sound card from Frys and plugged it in. 
lspci says it is C-Media Electronics CM8738(rev 10).
I suspect that I need the cmpci.o modules, that appeared 
when I was installing the vanilla Woody. But I couldn't 
get vanilla to handle my CD reader in a way that I understood,
and I have installed the compact version of Woody, which
I can make work for both my CD reader and writer (separate
devices hdc and hdd, respectively).

But compact doesn't include cmpci.o

Where can I find it? What package must I load to get it to
show up in /lib/modules/... ?

Or am I totally misunderstanding? I have never done sound, 
so am ignorant of even the most basic sound info. I read
various howto and think I understand, but then when I try,
it doesn't work. 


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