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Re: I'm worried about a Warning from lilo

Thus spake Paul E Condon (pecondon@quiknet.com):

> Hi. 
> After a change to lilo.conf, I ran lilo, and noticed a warning message. 
> I have not noticed this message before. Is it serious? What does it mean?
> The message is:
> Warning: Int 0x13 function 8 and function 0x48 return different
>  head/sector geometries for BIOS drive 0x81
> Also which drive in the series hd[a-d] is referenced by BIOS drive 0x81?
> Hope this is not serious. I have plenty of problems without clobbered
> data on disk.

I'd be curious to hear the answer to both questions, although having
seen the warning several times myself, I don't think it's serious -
doesn't seem to have affected my system anyway...(FLW)

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