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Re: Sound card driver for CM87389(rev 10)

    "Paul" == Paul E Condon <Paul> writes:

    Paul> But compact doesn't include cmpci.o

    Paul> Where can I find it? What package must I load to get it to
    Paul> show up in /lib/modules/... ?

I know that if you use a pre-built generic 2.4.18 kernels you get
cmpci as a module. I use this driver on my machine.

For example, do:

apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-k7

to get an AMD athlon (k7) kernel. 

You can replace the -k7 suffix with -386, -586tsc (classic Pentium),
-686, -686-smp, or -k6 depending on what CPU you actually have.

Follow the instructions you get about "initrd" and lilo during the
installation like they say. Add cmpci to the /etc/modules file and

I don't really know about the 2.2.x kernels so I'll let some one else
help you on that.


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