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Re: print html without netscape

Michael D. Crawford wrote:
It seems to me that you could write a command-line program that links to Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine to render HTML into an in-memory graphics buffer. Then you could dump the bitmap to the printer, or save it as a TIFF file or bitmap EPS file.

I haven't heard of software that does this yet, but I think it would be straightforward to do it. You could even run this from a cron job to spit automatically generated HTML to the printer every hour or day.

It looks like Gecko's home page is at:



This "solution" may not be what the original poster had in mind, but OpenOffice.org "Writer" will read and print html files! In fact, so will Kword and AbiWord claims to be able to open them too. I just checked here, and the best rendering, IMHO, was done by the OpenOffice.org program. My install of AbiWord refused to open the test document.

The neat thing about this method is that you can use the word processor to clean up any formatting problems you might have before printing.

-Don Spoon-

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