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Re: Default Exim Config Problem

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 12:11:02AM +0000, Nicholas wrote:
> On (29/08/02 18:34), Benton Bronnenberg wrote:
> > I am having mail delivery problems.  
> > All mail goes to my admin account.
> Perhaps this is a problem with your .fetchmailrc it should be in the
> form:
> poll pop3.isp.com proto pop3
> user "ispusername", with password xxxxx, is "localusername" here;
> The last bit is the most important since it tells fetchmail the user who
> the mail account belongs to.
> Hope this helped 

I have a dedicated connection and have a MX pointed at the machine in
question.  I don't use fetchmail to get mail off of a POP server.
Sorry, I should have stated that. :)

But, thanks for the reply!

Take care,

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