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potato refusing to do security updates

Hi, we're still running potato on some machines on our network but one of them 
had some bad luck with upgrading to the glibc security update. It's running 
potato with a 2.4.18-smp kernel from woody. For some reason apt-get upgrade 
refuses to update libc6 from potato, though.

What's the best solution for this?

1) Can we just upgrade from the .dsc for potato provided in the advisory, or
    would that break things?
2) Can we update from the security tree of woody? (seems even more likely that
    could break stuff)
3) Should we just upgrade too woody? (a bit radical for a production server)
4) Is it possible to somehow clean the woody packages and replace them with 
proper potato ones, even if located outside the main deb trees (after we did 
the woody hack we found 2.4.18-smp stuff for potato, but alas, after was not 
before) ? That would probably be the cleanest solution.

Unfortunately dependencies under Debian are a bit fuzzy to me at times.



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