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Re: Text editors: can't teach an old pigeon new tricks

There used to be a C editor called RHIDE for DOS that ran under a GNU
port to DOS.  It is a Turbo C++ clone, and there is a Linux port.
It's been a long time since I've used it, but it's probably worth a



On  0, Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk> wrote:
> I am looking for a text editor that meets my personal prejudices!
> First may I say that I hope this doesn't turn into another vi v. emacs
> war!!! I have an approximately equal loathing for both of them. When I
> am forced to use the "standard tools" I prefer to use ed. (No, really, I
> do.)
> I want the editor primarily for programming, and I have done a lot of
> programming in environments like Borland Turbo C for DOS and the HTDC C
> compiler for PIC microcontrollers, also for DOS.
> These editors provide, AT THE SAME TIME, Wordstar-like control-key
> commands AND alt-key-activated pulldown menus like those provided in
> DOS's EDIT. There is, of course, some duplication of functionality here.
> Personally I find it convenient.
> I have pored through the text editors provided on my Debian CD and can't
> find anything that bears more than the vaguest resemblance to this
> model, although it seems that it may be possible to customise most of
> them, with a lot of pain and grief. jed seems the least painful so far.
> I think it would be a lot easier to install something that already works
> the way I want it to, so that I can get on with writing number-crunching
> software. The important features are:
> - TEXT BASED (and compatible with SVGATextMode)
> - Accepts Wordstar-style commands, and
> - AT THE SAME TIME has DOS-EDIT-style pulldown menus
> - Ability to call one's own shellscripts by adding entries to the
> pulldown menus
> Does it exist?
> Oh, and to any university people etc. reading this: have you anything I
> can download (a set of course notes perhaps?) about programming
> numerical solutions to differential equations, esp. wrt. thermodynamic
> simulation?
> Thanks,
> Pigeon

Tom Cook
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