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Re: Console mode

Kent West wrote:

> Look in /etc/init.d for a script named something like SVGATextMode or
> something similar. If you see something like that, rename it (or disable
> it in one of several other methods) and reboot and see what happens.

Nothing resembling "vga" in init.d. I also diffed init.d against my
old one. Nothing obvious turned up. Also tried rdev. Old vidmode was
65535, changed it to 0, didn't help. I was using the wrong syntax
for single-user mode, I'll try again next time I boot from that

I think I should have mentioned before now that there's a little
picture of Tux holding a mug of beer that shows up at the top of the
screen. That seems to be when the mode changes. I think I have to
find the program that puts Tux there, it's probably the culprit.
Anyone know what program that is? It starts out normal, then goes
kind of psychedelic.

Tom Zych
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