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Re: Console mode

Tom Zych wrote:
Hi all,

I've just installed woody from CD. My old installation started as
potato, then upgraded to woody / sarge. In console mode, it gives me
a 24-row screen which scrolls quickly.

The new install, OTOH, gives me a 30-row screen which scrolls
slowly. (Not *much* slower, but enough to be annoying.) It appears
to be using some kind of graphical mode instead of the ordinary text
mode that we all know from the days of MS-DOS.

How do I persuade it to switch back to that mode?

Tom Zych
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Open up /etc/lilo.conf in a text editor (as root) and scroll down until you see a line that starts with "vga=.....". Edit this line to read "vga=normal" and save the file. Run lilo to write the changes to your boot sector, and you should be fixed.

Alternatively, you can make it read "vga=ask" and you will get a chance to select the boot-up graphical mode. If you press the space bar when you are asked, it will give you your old mode. Only do this if you want to play around and see what modes are available.

-Don Spoon-

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