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Re: Problems with cdparanoia

> Why exactly do you have your DVD drive under scsi emulation?  Unless 
> it's a DVD±R, it shouldn't be necessary/useful unless I am mistaken...

Well, this is a little embarrassing, but mainly because I never have figured 
out how to make it NOT be under scsi emulation.

I know that some people add a "append=/dev/hd?=ide-scsi" to /etc/lilo.conf, 
but I haven't had any luck with that.  Of course, I just had the dvd drive 
replaced (the other one crapped out on me), so maybe I should give that 
another go.

Stephen W. Juranich                             sjuranic@ee.washington.edu
Electrical Engineering             http://students.washington.edu/sjuranic
University of Washington                http://ssli.ee.washington.edu/ssli

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